Will mobile phone jammers affect recording equipment?

First of all, what are your requirements. After years of development, a variety of mobile cell phone jammer have appeared on the market, such as mobile phone jammers and desktop jammers. Different cell phone jammers can be used in different places. If you want to block cell phone signals in the room, a cell phone jammer is enough. However, if you want to use a larger location, you need a desktop jammer. Second, where do you want to use it. If you want to take it with you and use it in different places, a portable jammer would be great. We want to confirm again that these mobile phone interference devices have no effect on mobile phones. It will not block the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station. In addition, please make sure that it is fully charged before use, and do not use jammers while charging. You should also note that if the antenna direction of the jammer is different from the location of the recorder, it may affect the jammer’s interference performance.

What are the basic needs in our lives? food? Air? water? Love? Maybe it is, but now people will give you another answer, cell phones and cell phone jammers. Why has this become our basic need? Most of us have had this experience. When we forget to carry our mobile phone, even for five minutes, we will feel insecure and we will feel anxious. But in many places, using mobile phones can cause noise problems. So we need cell phone jammers. The mobile phone jammer can easily keep us away from the noise of the mobile phone, it can be turned off

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