Cell phone jammers do not occupy the air superiority

Advanced cell phone jammer equipment provides contact and training for American crew members to ensure that they will not be in a real combat environment when they encounter advanced electronic attack capabilities for the first time. These mobile phone jammers are very important to the continued air superiority of the United States, especially when the threat of electronic warfare continues to emerge. The mobile jammer is designed to counteract the flight of UAVs/quadrons where the mobile jammer does not allow downlink signals. It has its own software that can quickly detect drones and interfere with enemy drones up to 4 kilometers away (using a special dedicated antenna). The following is a technical description of the system.

Mobile cell phone jammer emit the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, so they act like jammers. This can cause enough interference to prevent the call from connecting to the phone. Currently, there are two types of mobile phone jammers. The first category is usually a small device that prevents the signal from being sent from the cell phone tower to each cell phone. The blocking frequency is 800MHz to 1900MHz. Most devices using this technology can block signals within a 30-foot radius. The phones in this area do not display any signals.

Now you can close them politely and leave, or you can buy a cell phone jammer and leave them alone. Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more important because many people (especially prison guards) want to believe that new technology products can solve their problems. A group of prison guards not only submitted a petition to the FCC to make rules, but also supported a bill requiring the FCC to allow the use of mobile phones in prisons.

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