Cell phone jammers prevent infringement of personal freedom

Today, almost every school student has his own mobile phone. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become a “weapon” for many students to teachers. Most students will find that they are using their mobile phones to surf the Internet during class. Many students tend to listen to music and play video games in class. Mobile phone bells that ring suddenly during class lectures are usually distracting. To make matters worse, it helps some students cheat on their phones during exams…a new phenomenon, “cyber bullying”, is text messages and social networks that students need to pay for. According to reports, the follow-up lecture refers to electronic bullying through others.


Schools in China and India use cell phone jammer to frustrate scammers. Mexico allows riots in churches and hospitals. The main customer’s bank wants to prevent potential Hamburg from contacting employees and plans to use the Mexican government in prison. Pakistan was allowed to block banks and libraries. Canada believes that this situation can be avoided under similar circumstances. However, Industry Canada is responsible for overseeing telecommunications activities in Canada, saying that the device may infringe on personal freedom, affect security and law enforcement agencies, and undermine public safety. We decided to oppose this move.

Dozens of countries including Canada, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, etc. have allowed police and prisoners to use intervention methods. Most countries, including the United States, use cell phone signal jammers to restrict calls from bombing government officials. When President Obama took off on Pennsylvania Avenue after taking office, all cell phones in the area were blocked. The US military is using jamming devices to thwart Iraqi street bombs. Of course, there are other uses for cell phone jammers.

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