Mobile jammers can help you focus

Hand-held mobile phone jammers Over time, many mobile devices, especially smart phones, have become more and more dangerous for American drivers. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association conducted a survey of approximately 350 scientific papers to measure drivers’ distractions while driving. The results may be a bit shocking. You may be distracted by eating and drinking (not drinking of course), talking with passengers, makeup and music, but mobile phones and smartphones are the worst known existence today. This is a pastime. Talking while driving is a common problem that arises over time. But text messages while driving are even worse! When using the headset to speak, your hands are free and you can look directly. If this is your phone or smartphone, then you can free up one hand while you still keep looking straight. But your attention is distracted.

Citizens are now looking for these devices to protect their privacy in the ever-evolving GPS tracking world. There are several civilian uses to block privacy-related GPS signals, including the ability to hide yourself or your car while being tracked by a GPS receiver. For salespeople and drivers, a practical application is to have lunch abroad or go home to pick up things. There is not much explanation for GPS tracking of cars. Most civilian cell phone jammer are enough to cover even the largest vehicles that can protect your privacy. 4G is a combination of 3G and WLAN, allowing you to quickly send data, high quality, audio, video, and images. 4G download speed exceeds 100Mbps, 25 times faster than home broadband ADSL (4M), which can almost meet the needs of all wireless business users. In addition, 4G can be deployed to locations not covered by DSL and cable modems, and then extended to the entire area. Obviously, 4G has unparalleled advantages. However, there is no need to make a phone call in the examination room, conference room or church. There is no need to use 4G signals at this time. Therefore, before setting up a jammer for your 4G cell phone, you need to pay attention to some specific factors.

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