Mobile phone jammers are mainly used for confidential units

In recent years, leaks caused by mobile phones are not uncommon, leading some core security agencies to strictly control the use of mobile phones. As a military unit of the country, the security and confidentiality of the army can be said to be beyond doubt. The use of military opponents has also been strictly controlled. Many technical measures have been adopted, and corresponding management systems have been introduced to prevent the occurrence of leaks caused by mobile phones. So the current military’s construction of mobile phone control mainly includes the following measures:

1. Mobile cell phone jammer are mainly aimed at secret places where mobile phone communication is prohibited, interfering with mobile phone signals and preventing mobile phone communication. The advantages of this equipment are simple to use, simple to operate, and inexpensive. The disadvantage is that all mobile phones in the controlled area cannot communicate. If the controlled area is too large, communication in this large area will not be possible. Moreover, the mobile phone signal jammer is the emitted clutter to interfere with the communication frequency of the mobile phone. If the control area is too large, a high-power jammer is needed. The high-power jammer will have an impact on human health. In addition, the high-power jammer will affect the area. The electronic equipment of the company will also have an impact, making it unable to work properly.

2. Professional customized mobile phones or mobile phone plug-ins, mobile phones are specially customized, including mobile phone chips, systems and applications are specially customized, from the hardware to the system, applications and communications will be encrypted, so as to ensure the security of mobile communications . It can also install plug-ins on ordinary mobile phones. Some applications must be operated on the plug-ins. The data cannot be displayed without the plug-ins. At the same time, with the electronic fence, certain functions of the mobile phone can be controlled in the control area, such as camera, Internet, recording, Communication etc.

3. Mobile phone management and control positioning system, this is a pseudo base station technology, mainly through the pseudo base station to take over the communication base station, so that the mobile phones in the control area communicate with the pseudo base station, so as to control the black and white list of the mobile phones in the control area. The device is generally used to search for blacklisted mobile phones in a certain area, and locate the blacklisted mobile phones at the same time. The whitelisted mobile phones are not controlled and can communicate normally.

4. Mobile phone security gate. This is a kind of security gate that can detect whether the passer-by is carrying a mobile phone. It can detect whether the mobile phone is turned on, off, or the battery of the mobile phone is removed. This kind of equipment is generally used at the entrance of the area, mainly to check whether there are illegal mobile phones brought into the area.

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