Portable cell phone jammer is easy to carry

First, let’s take a look at how WiFi and Bluetooth work. WiFi and Bluetooth are commonly used wireless devices in the 2.4G frequency band that support short-range data exchange. For families, it is also extremely convenient. With WiFi, you can reduce traffic overhead and browse the web and watch videos anytime, anywhere. For cellular mobile enthusiasts, there is no pressure at all. WiFi is cheaper for larger businesses because it allows multiple systems to be connected to a single connection. We acknowledge that WiFi or Bluetooth create great convenience for those who need to use them to send messages and files.

2G3G4G adjustable mobile phone signal interference company, effectively shielding the emission, domestic mobile communication is actually a mature high-tech product, independently developed, produced and sold by our company. And imported parts adopt foreign advanced technology microwave signal between station and mobile phone. This small mobile cell phone jammer product adopts imported parts, mechanical patch welding technology, assembly line mass production, efficient and strict control, to ensure product quality, stable performance and durability! Let us know your whereabouts! Only GPS satellite signal interference does not affect the normal response of the mobile phone. Equipped with strict jamming device inspection jammer small size, high output, light weight, large coverage area, 3G/4G mobile phone jammer is easy to carry. Effective prevention for mobile/car GPS satellite positioning system! No longer protected by God’s whereabouts. Worry! The National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has strictly tested, and all technical indicators are in line with the allowable environmental electromagnetic radiation intensity classification standards.

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