The environment affects the shielding effect of WiFi jammers

We have to use all kinds of electronic devices in our life, including all kinds of jammers, such as wifi jammer. We use wifi devices to connect to the internet, we use bluetooth to send and receive data, we use mobile phones to keep in touch, and we use GPS devices to locate us. But all kinds of electronics have a good side and a bad side. While using a WiFi connection, your computer or phone can be hacked, putting you in dangerous situations. So we need Brouilleu WiFi to protect us. No problem. Because the anti-interference performance of CDMA mobile phones is much better than that of GSM mobile phones, the mobile phone signal jammer for CDMA mobile phones is smaller than that of GSM mobile phones, but the difference is about 20-40 meters. However, if necessary, it is necessary to increase the number of mobile phone signal jammers to ensure the shielding effect of WiFi jammers CDMA mobile phones, which has attracted the attention of users in some particularly important places.

Make sure your WiFi signal jammer has a very weak electromagnetic signal strength, rest assured, test data shows that this signal strength is not harmful to humans. At the same time, the WiFi jammer only blocks the forward signal of the phone, so the WiFi jammer phone cannot connect to the base station, and the phone itself is not damaged. Is there a difference between the distance between cell phone signals and outdoor equipment? Yes. The effective distance (30-40 meters) of the WiFi signal jammer generally refers to the indoor distance. In open outdoor areas, the effective distance of the shield can reach hundreds of meters. It should be noted that, whether indoors or outdoors, the effective distance of shielding is related to general environmental conditions such as base station distance and location. Therefore, the use of WiFi signal jammers needs to carefully consider this factor, so as not to block the blind area and affect the shielding effect.

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