Can cell phone jammers be used in sensitive areas?

The interference range of a phone jammer depends on the environment. Buildings can affect the effectiveness of radio interceptors. Low-power devices can block small calls. cell phone jammer with high power can interfere with a wide range of signals. As it turns out, a cell phone jammer is a pretty simple device. When powered on, there is an indicator light. There is a switch to change the frequency of the interference. This wifi jam has an antenna to send the signal. Some cell phone jammers have built-in antennas. Small cell phone jammers are battery powered. Powerful devices need to be plugged into a power outlet. A few days ago, it was designed for military establishments. You can use your phone to launch bombs. It uses cell phone signal jammers to prevent attacks. Block communication in sensitive areas with cell phone jammers. Citizens can have mobile phone jammers. It is legal to use cell phone jammers in performance halls.


However, it is an indisputable fact that many local exam administration agencies purchase cell phone signal jammers by themselves. Why are regulators “turning a blind eye”? Some people attribute the reason to “the college entrance examination is too big!” It is not only the responsibility of the education department to ensure that the test questions are kept secret and that no cheating occurs in the examination room. Sorry. In view of the conflict with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Information Industry, the issue of whether to install mobile phone signal jammers in the college entrance examination room in Guangdong Province this year is still under study. Among them, the Guangzhou Admissions Office has made it clear that this year’s Guangzhou college entrance examination room will no longer use electromagnetic wave shielding devices.

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