The cell phone signal jammer can work stably for a long time

Mobile phone signal jammer (alias data signal blocker, data signal decoration isolator, data signal suppressor, data signal blocker, and conference confidential information machine) is a new technology product carefully developed according to the specific conditions of China Mobile’s communication technology. I came to the company to independently develop and manufacture it. It can reasonably shield the microwave heating data signal between the transmitting tower and the mobile phone. Because this product uses newly upgraded imported components, technical professional equipment, patch welding process, mass production of production lines, and high-efficiency and strict management capabilities, it ensures that the product has good quality, stable characteristics, and long-term durability!

The mobile phone signal jammer only needs to be properly connected to the wireless antenna and connected to the switching power supply, and it can work. Agents only need to read the installation training tutorial for the article to grasp the installation method on the spot. The installation can be placed on various parts such as walls, suspended ceilings, etc. according to the requirements of intelligent security standards.

In addition, revealing well-known brand signal jammer also have the following characteristics:

1. No damage to the mobile phone: This mobile phone signal jammer only prevents the mobile phone from pushing or receiving telecommunication signals when it enters the shielded area. Once it leaves the shielded area, it can repair all normal applications of the mobile phone.

2. Self-starting, no need for full-time personnel to maintain and maintain the mobile phone signal jammer is highly reliable, and can work stably for a long time in various natural environments.

3. Low-carbon environmental protection machinery and equipment, harmless to people and things:

4. Fast response: According to the sensitivity of each mobile phone, it is generally possible to block all kinds of mobile phones within a range of poor signals within ten seconds of startup, so that various mobile phones can receive and send data signals. The actual effect is blocked, and after a few seconds of standby, various mobile phones can be resumed for application.

5. Strong research and development capabilities: The company has independent research and development capabilities, and can customize mobile phone signal jammers of various frequencies according to customer satisfaction, and can also make OEM products for the general public.

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