Cell phone jammers ensure smooth exams

In order to ensure the smooth and safe progress of the college entrance examination, Suzhou Mobile conducted inspections on the equipment, computer rooms and lines involved in the examination room one week before the college entrance examination, determined the emergency guarantee plan in advance, and carried out network security work. In Zhangjiagang, as a member of the monitoring team, Zhangjiagang Mobile is mainly responsible for ensuring the normal operation of the monitoring equipment in the confidential room of the Zhangjiagang Test Command Center, and ensuring the real-time monitoring of the storage, distribution and recovery of test papers. The invigilation is very smooth. During the test, Zhangjiagang Mobile arranged for a special site to monitor the network capacity and interference situation around the test site in real time, and a special person in the background to monitor the community status of the test site at all times, and to dynamically control the test to ensure the smooth progress of the test.

“The annual college entrance examination is a major event in the lives of many students. We must do our best to ensure that candidates can take the exam with peace of mind and achieve good results.” said Zhu Gong, a network engineer at Suzhou Mobile. In addition, Suzhou Mobile also arranges special personnel to be on duty to ensure that the network is reopened as soon as possible after each test, and minimize the impact of mobile cell phone jammer on the communication of surrounding citizens and test takers’ parents.

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