Cell Phone Jammers Maintain Discipline During Exams

How to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination is the most concerned issue for candidates. To this end, the brigade has set up monitors, safety devices, and mobile cell phone jammer in each examination room; arranged disciplinary inspections and inspections during the examination, set up a letter and visit reporting mailbox, and accepted the supervision of candidates; strengthened the prevention of seasonal safety accidents during the military examination, Set up medical service points, distribute heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs to candidates, and send safety warning messages once a day.

It can be seen from the scene that the candidates arrived at the examination room one after another and began to line up in an orderly manner, followed by temperature measurement, identity verification, sign-in and other matters. What is different from the past is that this year, candidates need to provide a health pass code, and they need to verify that the documents are complete and the body temperature does not exceed 37.3° before entering the venue for reference.

Cell phone signal jammers are high-power, high-current devices that generate heat when they work. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the normal operation of the machine will be affected at least, and personal safety will be endangered at worst. Most electronic products or other power devices of the same type take the thermal conductivity of the machine very seriously. Among the commonly used metal materials, silver has the best thermal conductivity, followed by copper and aluminum. However, silver is expensive and is rarely used for heat dissipation; although copper has good thermal conductivity, it does not dissipate heat quickly, which may cause the cell phone signal jammer to work 24 hours a day, and the heat of the machine cannot be dissipated, forming an invisible in a certain small space. heat source. In the case of high temperature in summer, the danger can be imagined. In contrast, aluminum is the most ideal. Lightweight and sturdy, good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation. A good CPU air-cooled radiator is made of aluminum alloy.

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