In the face of mobile phone party jammers, they have become popular

Steve Gray, the principal of Hardy Middle School on Vancouver Island, purchased the jammer from an online supplier in China. in school. Although the experiment was short-lived, the controversy touched on the problem of increasing use of mobile phones during school hours, especially in high school. Donnelly also pointed out that controlling devices is very important because they can be mechanisms for everything from cyberbullying to delivering test responses.

She said the problem is not only to educate children to use mobile phones and other technical devices correctly, but also to ensure that parents understand the rules of their children’s school. Why use gsm jammer? Steve Gough, principal of Comstock Park High School, said: “We have noticed that we believe that mobile phone use has an increasing negative impact on student learning, especially student participation.” “Mobile phones can help people access information. Powerful tools, but they can also be powerful tools for distraction.”

College students are very optimistic about the use of smartphones and laptops in the classroom and believe that they can help with their studies and are essential to their safety, so they should always be placed. Moreover, when a cell phone rang during class, students preferred to be ignored by the teacher, waving the cell phone in a humorous manner or talking with students privately after class. In contrast, most American teachers interviewed have specific rules in their courses, stipulating that all digital devices in the classroom will be punished for violation of the rules. Surprisingly, the use of student mobile phones and laptops is completely prohibited.

Too many students use mobile phones to chat, visit and verify what is taught in class. We now need to correct this problem. Mobile phones can be a great learning tool, but parents must make laws on how and when to use mobile phones. Officials of the US State Department are still trying other methods to solve the mobile phone problem. DOC is working with a Maryland company to sign a $1.5 million contract to install a system that “allows authorized calls to pass through, but prevents others within a precisely defined target area.” The system will be installed at the end of the month.

If the cell phone blocker device is the same as the two-way amplifier (BDA), if the supervision is not proper, we will encounter more serious uncontrollable chaos, which has led the industry to pursue the problem of excessive interference signals from FCC-approved equipment. It is easy to inadvertently create a blocker. Rotate the gain control on both the uplink and downlink amplifiers to maximum, ignoring the isolation between the redistributed antenna system and the donor. Like any jamming device designed so far, the level of white noise generated by this device is at least destructive and dangerous to public safety radio systems. usually.

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