The jammer helps you develop good habits

In fact, mobile phone distribution is no longer a novelty abroad and has been sold in China for nearly two years. Broadcasters even came up with a design and published it on the Internet. The principle is simple, like “speak loudly, speak quietly”.

In the working principle of the device, there is a professional description: “The working principle of the mobile phone is that within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the baud rate and data transmission in some form. Full modulation and voice According to this communication principle, the mobile phone mask scans at a certain speed from the lower end of the channel to the high end, and the scanning speed can be used for signal jammers. The message sent by the receiver, so the phone cannot detect the normal data of the base station, and cannot establish a connection with the base station. Connection.

Because it only interferes with the downlink signal, the device will not affect the mobile base station during application, nor will it affect the normal use of other electronic devices. Why do you need a mobile cell phone blocker? Nowadays, smart phones have long become an important part of personal life, and there are many mobile phone users at student gatherings. Managing the balance between mobile phone use, student learning and entertainment… This seems to be a difficult problem for parents and schools.

An official from the Massachusetts Department of Education proposed that the government fund gsm jammer devices. Installed in the student dormitory to prevent students from chatting through text after turning off the lights at night and going online to affect the next day’s study. Initially, mobile phone masks were special equipment, suitable for special departments and special places. In recent years, mobile phone testing equipment has begun to be used in civilian production, and some schools have been used as a means to avoid cheating or indulging in public places such as gas stations, conference rooms, theaters, and hospitals. The signal-interfering cells first appeared at the end of the last century, when these products were sold to more oil and petrochemical companies to prevent the phone from being opened when there was a danger of sparks. Later, he gradually went to theaters, examination rooms, libraries and other places where he needed to avoid cell phone interference and keep silent.

Brazilian prisons have long been troubled by the secret use of mobile phones by prisoners. Now, the mobile phone jammer developed by Israel has helped. The price of the device in Brazil is about 520,000 reals, and its size is similar to a laptop with an antenna and GPS positioning system. If the prisoner is in prison, information such as mobile phone usage, mobile phone number, service provider and SIM card content will be displayed on the screen of the instrument, which will not only automatically cut off the mobile phone call, but also automatically cut off the mobile phone call, which also hinders the prisoner.

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