Jammers are used frequently in universities

Why are there so many mobile phones outside the school? For network problems, everyone’s first response is to complain to the operator. The network operator’s on-site investigation found that there is high interference signal strength in the complained area. For normal areas, the mobile phone cannot use the wireless network, and it has been unable to make calls, send and receive text messages, and access the Internet. After the blocker is closed, the on-site network will be restored immediately Normal, and voice and data services can be used normally. The communication tower is integrated into the communication signal transmitting and receiving antennas in the tower, forming a network covering the entire area, such as satellite navigation signals through the dome.

According to professionals, the cell phone signal blocker is positioned at a certain speed from the lower end of the channel to the upper end of the scan. The scanning speed can be used to generate random interference to the receiver signal, so the phone cannot detect normal data from the base station, nor can it establish a connection with the base station. In the application and use of cell phone inhibitors, schools and students can explore together. For example, the protective cover does not have to be locked for 24 hours, it can be locked at a certain moment, and can be synchronized with the power failure, so that students can rest on time. It is not impossible to give students some free time to use their mobile phones. The function of the shielding layer is to control the free association time without completely cutting off the free communication channel.

Why choose gsm 3g 4g inhibitor will interfere with normal phone use? Mobile phones work by receiving and sending radio waves. The frequency of a mobile phone is about 1.8 GHz. To interfere with the mobile phone signal, you must have a device that emits radio waves of the same frequency. A cell phone blocker is such a device, it will shield the cell phone signal within a certain range, and the lighting level will seriously affect the quality of calls and the Internet. Usually, within a radius of 25 meters, the interferer will seriously affect the phone. The effective range of 25 meters will also be less affected. The range of the jammer will also change due to the specific performance and power of each jammer.

In today’s plethora of media, the influence of developed communication networks is not limited to university classrooms, because the gathering sequence of meetings and various daily social activities are all affected by the clan’s bow and arrow pen Weibo. In the classroom, teachers and students must reach a consensus that the teaching order should not be disrupted. Obviously, students using mobile phones are illegal. Interference with mobile phone signals during class will definitely have a good effect on teachers, students and classroom order. However, schools must open the screening period so that teachers and students can warn their relatives in advance to avoid other adverse consequences due to lack of contact in an emergency. Schools may also consider other methods of providing emergency visits to teachers and students during the emergency selection period.

In most university examination rooms in Russia, students illegally get answers by receiving text messages, or just take a textbook to respond to their accomplices through the examination room on their right and read them on their mobile phones. Russian university professors say that simply telling students to turn off their phones or test their phones before taking the exam will not work. As such problems become more serious, some higher education institutions in Russia have to resort to high-tech equipment developed by the elite of the country’s large military companies.

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