The impact of jammers on drones is still great

The Russian army is buying jamming equipment and plans to install it on cell phone towers. The idea is simple: The Kremlin can activate these jammers during the conflict and pray that these interceptors will reduce the accuracy of American missile strikes. The Newspaper emphasized, “Integrate the system into the communication signal transmission and the tower receiving antenna, and the network formed by the communication tower covers the entire area, such as satellite navigation signals through the dome.

Installation of UAV jammer Russia In the cell phone tower, this is an unconventional movement, but its logic is militaryly reasonable. For now, the United States has a huge advantage in cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and GPS systems. The Russian army is actively trying to prevent U.S. aircraft from flying over Syria, interfering with signals emitted by the Global Positioning System (GPS), thereby disrupting flight operations. The interference is “seriously affecting” U.S. drone operations, but the severity of Russian intervention is unclear.

According to the report, the frequency cell phone blocker, which was developed by the Russian Army, is complex enough to affect navigation equipment with anti-jamming technology and enough to affect encrypted communications, although encryption only makes it difficult to enter or exit the drone’s control system. The sensor’s Ministry of Defense declined to comment on whether any drones crashed due to interference. Russia’s use of traffic congestion in non-total war situations will reduce its effectiveness in real warfare, because the United States and allied forces are studying signals and finding ways to overcome them and improve the battlefield. This system can resist contraction. The US military is already looking for non-GPS field weapons to achieve millimeter accuracy.

Considering the sudden downward spiral of the drone in the released video, the featured system is more likely to be an RF suppressor. Taking into account the use of this system by separatists supported by Russia, the system may also be another Russian-made electronic warfare weapon, placed on the battlefield of electric warfare, because both weapons have an impact on the Russian battlefield. Fight for research and testing purposes. American officials told NBC News that the Russian military has been jamming small American drones. The interference is mainly concentrated on the UAV GPS system, which will make the operator not know the current location of the UAV, leading to more extreme results, such as malfunctions.

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