Install signal jammers in residential areas to prevent data leakage

Many Catholics and representatives of other Christian denominations around the world took a breather in the chapel of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and were elected as the new pope. The conference center started on March 12, and it may have been the most interesting and safest conference center for a long time. With such a high risk, this is the first truly significant information security incident. Signal jammers have been installed throughout the Sistine Chapel and Santa Maria’s residential area to prevent data leakage.

Those special cell phone blocker prevented the 115 cardinals participating in the election from using modern wireless devices and blocked all surveillance and listening devices in the church and Santa Maria’s living quarters. Although all employees and cardinals have vowed not to divulge information about the election process and anything that happened during the meeting, they still have no rights and it is now a way to communicate using all devices.

Many people think this is a very wise decision. Since eavesdropping and surveillance devices have become widespread recently, and the cardinals are using modern smartphones, this poses a danger. These smartphones have many vulnerabilities, and the culprit may have used them for eavesdropping. To do this, you only need to crack the target phone through Bluetooth, or install a special application that can randomly assign phone numbers. In this case, every cell phone in the church can become an eavesdropping bug. This move by the Vatican will show people that people who use cellphone blockers can be very helpful, and their only goal is to protect your data.

However, these are not restrictive measures. The cardinal made a decision and waited for anyone who tried to reveal the secret, regardless of its scope. Mary Ann Walsh, Director of Media Relations at the Conference of American Bishops, said: “In our electronic age, there are always cardinals who use iPads or tweeters during conferences.” This measure is not true. Suitable for conference centers, they were adopted in 2005, but then there is no need to use 3G and 4G jammer devices, because smartphones and tablets are not so popular, and they are always just a reaction. The listening equipment used.

One of the reasons for these stressful protection measures is that there are many young cardinals in the conference hall, many of whom have their own blogs and microblogs, and the Vatican is indeed worried that if the conference hall is going to go, these blogs may Will leak information. It takes a long time. There was such a precedent when the German cardinal officially mentioned the name of the newly elected pope to the German press.

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