Jammers are gradually being used in movie theaters

Discussed the way of smartphones in movie theaters. I am disappointed with the ringtones of mobile phones and smartphones and the lighting on the LCD, because these devices can watch the movies I am looking forward to. Everyone will have this experience. Before the performance, the theater side reported “ceremonial mode and shutdown”.

When using a movie player with a smartphone, someone said “please place a communication blocking device in the movie theater.” Is it possible to install equipment that has been installed in classical concerts and music events in movie theaters?

● Nearby smartphones playing around ruin the theater experience

Cinemas are special places where you can pay to go to another world. However, the behavior that undermines this extraordinary experience is “customers use smartphones.”

“The smartphone LCD of the guest next door is bright and annoying.” “I want to play the last role.”

Despite the screening, there are still many voices on the Internet similar to the “Revenge Music Festival”, which is aimed at people who use mobile phones and smartphones in movie theaters.

In many theaters, a “video for courtesy” is played to “turn off” the power or be courtesy before showing the work. However, due to sluggishness, movie fans often say: “I want you to force the radio waves in the theater to forcibly disable cell phone calls and communications.”

●Communication suppression equipment has been introduced in “theatre” in other industries.

In the concert hall, a deterrent communication device (cell phone jammer) has been introduced for listening to classical performances, musicals and drama theaters.

About ten years ago, at the “Imperial Theater” in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, a deterrent device was introduced to “maintain a silent game environment” (operated by Toho Co., Ltd.). It is said that the device is operated in such a way that it can only be used in the audience during the performance.

Have you shown any theater in the cinema? Keiji Kobayashi, Assistant Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Japan Film Producers Association, said: “To be honest, I didn’t know it was introduced in movie theaters.”

●For requests to customers, a license is required to install the equipment

When we asked several large Cinecon companies about the results of the equipment installation, Cinecon A replied: “The installation has never been mentioned as it is now. It is a courtesy of the customer.” Another large Cinecon B said: “We have not installed any intentional A device that suppresses radio waves. Before the show, practice the video and post it in the lobby. If there is a complaint, the staff will come back. Someone said.

You need to install a license to disable the communication function.

Article 4 of the “Broadcasting Law” stipulates: “Anyone who wants to open a radio station must obtain a permit from the Minister of the Interior and Communications.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the General Communications Infrastructure Bureau stated, “This is a term in the Radio Law, but there are approximately 200 experimental test stations for communication suppression equipment nationwide.”

It is said that approximately 200 organizations in Japan have introduced communication suppression devices for mobile phones and smart phones.

Are there 200 theaters? “It is correct that it has not been introduced to the cinema and has not been inspected. There is currently no license application for the cinema,” an unexpected response said.

●Movie theaters without equipment

Did not even consider. He said: “It is legally acceptable to install equipment in movie theaters.”

According to the provisions of this section, a license can be obtained if the following conditions are met. “With the introduction of equipment, we can expect improvements in public services.” “There is no other choice.” “Mobile operators give permission.”

Why introduce it in a concert hall, and not even consider introducing it in a movie theater?

According to the department, the concert hall is introducing equipment as a “risk countermeasure.”

“The performer rented a theater to hold a concert. This is a concert hall. If the audience’s phone rings during the performance, it will disturb other audiences and the orchestra. He said that the phone rang and financial problems disrupted the performance of the orchestra to the concert hall. Claiming (compensation), the concert hall called the mobile phone from the facility again. This is a work that reached the audience. In the concert hall, we realized that the audience could use it. Smartphones have serious risks and we want to install this device.”

“I think there are differences in the awareness of the introduction of equipment, including the difference in movie theaters. I think that there is no awareness of existence itself before the introduction of the equipment.”

Even if the audience in the cinema dialed the smartphone, only the other audience was angry at the cinema. The film’s producer and actors never made contact. A major movie theater said: “During the movie theater, there is a situation where customers talk to each other and call the police.” In this case, the theater may not be threatened.

● “Reason not to introduce” in the film industry

Mr. Kobayashi from Eiren said why the introduction of the movie theater is impractical.

“In many movie theaters, barrier-free screenings (displays with audio guides) are common. Visually impaired people can use their smartphones to download the audio guides while watching movies and use headphones to listen to other audio. Since we need to download the audio in advance, This is one of them. If we can’t communicate before the screening, there will be problems.”

Another reason is radio wave interference. “The theater has multiple theaters side by side on one wall. Theater shows and screens at different times. Customer calls not shown in Theater 2 will not disrupt communication in Theater 1.”

Also, when anime works that have been developed in mixed media are recently displayed, special events such as “give rare items that can be used in games with anime titles” will be held. After the movie is over, many complaints will flood into the theater and you will not be able to use your smartphone to obtain items.

Therefore, movie theaters are unlikely to be equipped with communication blocking devices.

It is said that the first theater in Japan, “Warner Mycal Cinema (now Aeon Cinema)” is the first theater in Japan and opened in Japan in 1993. “In the beginning, in addition to asking for’not talking’, we also asked for’no smoking’. With the changes of the times, items such as’ban on mobile phones’ and’ban on smartphones’ are increasing. Yes, but I cannot completely eliminate intelligence The trouble caused by mobile phones.”

It may take a while for us to have the best movie experience without worry. Or maybe, if we fundamentally change everyone’s behavior, maybe…

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