It is illegal to ban other people’s WiFi networks

Cyborg Unplug is a mechanism that detects when a device is within the range of the router and triggers an alarm. If needed, even if it has a key, it can prevent it from stealing WiFi. However, you can also completely block the Internet connection, which is illegal. Are you worried that hidden camcorders, microphones, smartphones, Google Glass, drones or other devices are spying in your home or work activities, or are trying to steal your WiFi connection? Soon, you will be able to purchase Cyborg Unplug, a data protection system that can detect any computing device within the range of a WiFi network. Once identified, an alarm will sound.

You just need to plug it into a free power outlet at home or at work. It is important to know that it will not only detect devices trying to connect to your WiFi network, but also any bluetooth jammers devices within range of the router, even if they don’t want to connect.

Cyborg Unplug goes one step further, because it can prevent the device from connecting to your network even if you have a key. More interesting and controversial at the same time is the All-Out Mode option, which blocks the Internet connection of the above-mentioned devices and prevents them from connecting to the Internet, or even to any network other than you. You will not be able to reconnect until you are outside the scope of Cyborg Unplug.

Although it is legal to prohibit others from trying to connect to a WiFi network that you own, you have no right to prevent them from connecting to other networks that are not yours. You may be committing a crime. Since the authorities do not allow the sale of devices that block Internet connections, this option raises questions when marketing products. Therefore, they may eliminate it when they sell.

Cyborg Unplug is not a jammer, which means it will not interrupt or distort the WiFi signal. It just detects the MAC addresses of devices in range and sends them a disconnect signal to prevent them from entering your network or other (if you wish). Therefore, wirelessly connected microphones, cameras, smartphones, drones, Google Glass glasses and any other devices within the detection range are very useful. Although its main purpose is to prevent neighbors from stealing your WiFi, or to prevent hackers from breaking into your network to spy on you.

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