How the jammer suppression signal works

More and more equipment is used to reduce the influence of signal suppressors as a tool to reduce the risk of theft in cargo transportation. Experts pointed out that, so far, in Mexico, there is no system or tool that is truly excluded from jammers. To understand how the system against the signal suppressor works, we must first define what a jammer is.

“They are electromagnetic signal generators that simulate the transmission of wireless communication. These signals propagate in the form of waves and have a certain frequency, amplitude and power. Therefore, the jammer repeats the signal at the same frequency to match the communication. It must reach the mobile The device assumes that it creates spam in the spectrum, making it impossible for the recipient to receive and translate mail,” he explained. Therefore, various technical solutions have been developed to reduce the risk of using signal inhibitors. ANERPV is the country and Latin America’s first car monitoring company organization, showing that only eight companies have joined the 40 companies that the organization has organized this year.

This is due to an increase in the theft of transportation vehicles, according to Mexico’s SensiGuard (US Supply Chain Intelligence Center), an increase of 30% in the second half of the year compared to the same period last year. In this regard, Manuel de la Torre, general manager of Webfleet Solutions in Mexico, said that unlike other countries that use signal suppressors to improve security or prevent espionage, criminal organizations in Mexico have copied this technology. From January 2019 to September 2019, there were a total of 8,756 cases.

How to “lock” the cell phone jammer?

Manuel de la Torre explained that the LBOX and the like developed by Webfleet Solutions are based on a factory pre-established agreement that standardizes the risk parameters of equipment circulation. He added: “The customer decides how to configure the device to activate the response protocol when an unsafe area is detected.”

For the chairman of ANERPV, although the technology is advancing, the disruptors have been unable to do anything so far. Therefore, crimes must be attacked by organizations, prevented and coordinated with the authorities. In a certain sense, it must be emphasized that the association owns Centinela. -The platform, a system connected to C5, also facilitates the implementation of the draft law to punish the manufacture, sale, purchase, installation, transplantation or operation of unauthorized use of jammers.

He also warned the company not to install such equipment, because it is estimated that about half of the tracking devices circulating in Mexico are installed by companies that are not regulated or certified. “If the senator approves the bill, then it is very suitable for transportation, because the disruptor is the tool of choice for criminals. Without the law, we will bring all the benefits to crime so that it can move us forward, otherwise the authorities will stop the suspicious The entity Víctor Manuel Presichi added that this was enough to send them to the public sector.

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