Jammers will prevent the transmission of noise

The function of GPS jammers deliberately blocking or interfering with radio signals, essentially “blocking” radio signals, thereby interrupting the communication between the transmitting and receiving devices (ie, remote control and receiving devices). Drone). Traditionally, jamming has been used to disrupt enemy communications on the battlefield. Interfering with the transmitter emits noise at the same frequency, which affects the receiver’s ability to understand the message being sent. In some countries, cell phone jammerare used as detection devices to prevent citizens from receiving harmful radio signals from neighboring countries. Other types of jammers will prevent the reception of signals without using noise.

I hear a lot of people who “cut the wires” claiming that they are no longer connected to the cables. Even more disturbing is the fact that they brag to the public online through social media. It puts people in danger, and many people ignore this danger. Potential thieves or home intruders are now suffering a major blow. If they are even smarter, they will take advantage when they invade your house. Like car lock jammers, cell phone jammers are illegal but still easy to find.

A recent case in Manchester shows how vulnerable we are to RF. In this example, the thief used a simple car lock jammer to break into the vehicle, causing serious damage in the parking lot, no one could unlock/lock their remote car lock, and eventually multiple alarms were triggered. In North America, the operating frequency of car locks is 315 MHz, and in Europe and Asia, the operating frequency of car locks is 433 MHz. Although signal jammers are illegal in most countries/regions, in many places, these devices sell these frequencies for around US$50 to US$200, depending on the scope of the device and the quality of its manufacturing.

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