Jammers blocking cell phone signals can be tempting

Faced with these contenders, in order to solve these problems, a working group composed of several manufacturers jointly supported by the French Defense Industry Group (GICAT) was established in 2013. Results: The new generation model is currently being tested at two institutions in the Île-de-France region, including one from Fresnes. Christopher Dolangeville explained: “They are placed at the entrance of the cell and are more precise in the field of work.” 3 million euros will be invested to equip 26 sensitive facilities within three years. It is Thales, which has cooperated with the Ministry of Justice to produce electronic bracelets and a national judicial interception platform for the product. “The choice of technology to be retained has not yet been decided because the right

Many commercial operators want to use cell phone jammer. Restaurant owners and theaters are just two examples where customers often receive mobile phone complaints. It can be tempting to provide expensive metal shielding in buildings to block cell phone signals (which is legal). The hospital also wants to connect phones that may interfere with medical equipment. Churches, libraries, courts, and entrepreneurs hoping to increase employee productivity are all examples of potential technology customers.

According to reports, major manufacturers mainly sell jamming equipment to military and law enforcement agencies, but they sell the equipment to everyone and declare that the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is legal. The buyer assumes full responsibility. Obligation to buy, own or use equipment. The mobile phone industry opposes the use of these devices. In order to solve the growing problem of mobile phone users, many people have invested money to label their phones.

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