The use of mobile phones is gradually increasing

Many countries/regions allow the use of mobile phone jammers and prohibit the use of mobile phone jamming. There are many ways to use portable GPS jammers for various frauds. If you search the Internet, you will find many Internet shops that can easily sell GPS jammers without worrying about your intentions. Keep in mind that if something happens when GPS signals or interfering with car driving signals, then some place around you may be interfered. In this case, you must remain vigilant.

With the development of communication technology, mobile personal communication has brought convenience to the daily life of people, prisons, detention centers and similar occasions, and the adverse effects have become more prominent. Once the phone is illegally put into prison and put into practice, it will cause great harm to the management and safety of prisons, detention centers and other places. Therefore, establish a truly effective mobile phone shielding system to provide strong scientific and technological guarantees for prisons and detention centers.

However, due to the mixed news in the current market, many cheap mobile cell phone jammer are mainly used in general useful civilian places due to limitations in performance, reliability, and operating conditions. For example, car GPS jammers are used in large wards, prisons, detention centers, etc. In practice, there may be problems, such as external interference, and some even seriously affect public communication.

Why does the public jammer telephone signal produce such a large interference in the unified product market around the provincial prison bureau? I further analyze, if there are any shortcomings, I hope you can correct my hero: technically speaking, shielding mobile phone signals, shielding is the only wireless information system, it is a small branch, and the nature of electronic warfare is called co-channel interference. , That is, when the device is used to transmit the signal to high frequency through the antenna, the mobile phone receives the generation of the downlink signal and the error code that the network cannot identify, the phone shows that the network status is abnormal and the signal shielding meets the requirements;

The mobile phone signal may change greatly in the same room, in different places, and at different times. According to actual experience, it can reach 10dBm, which is 10 times different according to the conversion success rate. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer is actually a very demanding technical project, and the purchase is not a simple self-installing jammer. Site survey, power calculation, architectural design, equipment debugging, etc. are complementary and inseparable.

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