Jammers can prevent the normal operation of radio networks

To understand this very powerful car signal jammer, you first need to find out that the car’s remote control is working. Also known as remote keyless entry system (RKE), 80% of new cars are now equipped with this keyless entry system. Such a system consists of a wireless remote control transmitter, a radio receiving board composed of various sensors, and a host. When the host receives a remote control signal, its content is decoded (for example, press a button to lock the door, press 2 Enter (for the door) to open and operate the vehicle through the control system of the host.

In fact, the reason why they can communicate between them is because the same working frequency is equivalent to that we must use the same language in actual situations, otherwise it will not work properly. Since the currently used radio frequency is strictly controlled by the country allocated to the car system, and the remote control frequency is fixed between 314-315MHz and 433-434MHz, because car alarms are part of the national compulsory product certification, except for two external ones. In addition, other frequency bands cannot be used, otherwise it is illegal.

Jammers are suitable for almost all cars. Knowing the working principle of car remotes, it is not difficult to find out why portable cell phone blocker can be played. In the daily use of cars, there will often be such a situation: when we debug the car radio station and move the car to another place, the phenomenon of “reset” or “string meter” may occur, which is like a radio receiver. Like the anti-theft device, the transmitter’s remote control has sent a signal, and other radios become “noise”. This phenomenon is also called “co-channel interference”. As long as there are two identical frequencies at the same time, they interfere with each other, and one of them is much stronger than the other, it will cover all other signals, which is why the jammer can cause annoying alarms.

This is why all models are disturbed in today’s market. Each model has a reason not to affect the jammer. In fact, it can only be in one frequency band because the other party is using the jammer. After all, only the same frequency interferes with the remote control, and the working frequencies of the car’s 315 and 433 each have two different frequency bands, so if the jammers have only one frequency band, they will not be interfered by other vehicles.

After locking the vehicle, I pulled the door handle to check. The test showed that the interference was actually unavoidable, but there was nothing I could do. In fact, in addition to the conventional performance of the original car, pay attention to some anti-theft details, and their car can be solved by upgrading the anti-theft system. Now that you know when the radio jammer can continue to work, it will prevent the remote control owner from communicating with the previous host, allowing the vehicle to receive remote commands sent. Therefore, the car is a daily lock, some details should be paid attention to. If you are locking the vehicle, pressing the key lock of the vehicle or performing the remote control after completing the most effective remote locking method, please pull down the door handle when you can see the lock by hand. In addition, when you press the button to lock your car, please note that the original car lights will flash synchronously. If the interference source is working, please press the light on the remote control to turn off.

It is safer to upgrade the security system. In addition, you can also upgrade the security system solution at the same time. Now, the most popular car anti-theft system is the RFID keyless system (smart key) with Wi-Fi and GPS anti-theft system. The keyless system provides users with a new comfort experience: the owner only needs to carry the remote control during the whole process, if they do not use the key to open the door and drive. When the owner is within range, the car will automatically recognize the key and identity, and the door can be opened with a light pull. This seemingly insignificant change makes the vehicle safety critical, and has been improved, because it has a two-way authentication function between the remote control and the car key, as long as the host is not using the host will automatically The closed remote control door sends a signal. The response of the remote control means that the remote control will not be in the car. Interfere with the remote control to prevent communication with the host.

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