Signal jammers cover a wide frequency range and produce specific interference

The function of GPS Jammers deliberately blocking or interfering with radio signals, essentially “blocking” radio signals, thereby interrupting the communication between the sending and receiving devices (ie, the remote control and the receiving device). Drone). Traditionally, jamming has been used to disrupt enemy communications on the battlefield. Interfering with the transmitter emits noise at the same frequency, which affects the receiver’s ability to understand the message being sent. In some countries, cell phone jammers are used as detection devices to prevent citizens from receiving harmful radio signals from neighboring countries. Other types of jammers will block the reception of signals without using noise,

The new generation of signal jammers can cover a wide frequency range and produce specific interference, which means “Duke will not confuse the receiver with a modified version of its own signal, but has a series of jammers. Interference factor Iraqi rebellion The progress of molecules basically abandon the use of foreign direct investment, thereby reducing the loss of foreign direct investment.

The US Navy is the only tactical combat jammer in the world, but the AN/ALQ-99 pod they rely on uses simulation technology, which is difficult to maintain and has reliability issues. All-digital technology and modern transmitting/receiving electronics have made great strides in capacity and availability, which is why the US military is working hard to replace its next-generation GPS jammer (NGJ) for its pods.

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