UAV jammers can shield multiple signals

According to a spokesperson for jammer-shopTechnology Co., Limited, long-range GPS Jammers use radio frequency interference technology to block drones in the air to help establish the security of military or military installations. Citizens of the colonies. The gun operates on the standard 2.4 GHz 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi GPS and ISM radio frequency bands, and may interfere with commercial drone signals. The spray gun can be operated in a wide frequency range, so that the drone can be detected and dropped from a distance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated this point in January: Even with restrictions, there is no issue of authorizing the use of mobile phones in prisons. In order to maintain this position, the warden’s advice was not followed.

However, cell phones circulate in prison wireless alarm jammers, including apparently very safe areas, which are reserved for prisoners under special supervision or strong minds and sent to Overwatch for misconduct. Just one example: in 2003, the robbers of the armored truck driver Antonio “Nino” Ferrara fled Mississippi when he was the most concerned prisoner in France, and about 30 officials were assigned to his only surveillance under. Fresnis stopped. As his accomplices took a commando operation, the highest level of the operation reached the heart of the punishment area due to the phone call he obtained illegally.

The number of phone calls seized in prison continues to increase. Ms. Gores said that 628 jammers have been installed today. But they are not “extremely efficient”, especially in the face of new 4G networks.

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