The latest 5g jammer has a higher spectrum width

In this case, the supplier should also be held responsible whenever consumer equipment is shipped. Most of us are unaware that the support life cycle associated with these devices is only 6 months. After the contract is terminated, we will no longer receive support or equipment updates from the suppliers because they are eager to provide help for new products that will be launched. This problem has become a threat. However, many people believe that there are others who will be infected by spam or their identity or credit card information will be stolen. You need to wake up and take immediate action because all of this is happening. Therefore, a 5g signal jammer must be used.

5G will use 512-QAM or 1024-QAM with higher data compression/demodulator modulation density. Currently 4G uses 256-QAM or 64-QAM modulated transmission data for compression, so the spectrum efficiency has reached the use of higher Mbps/ 100MHz efficiency can increase the transmission rate. 5G will use 28GHz millimeter-wave communications. For example, Taiwan’s 4G currently uses low-frequency radio waves such as 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 2600MHz. If the expansion of the radio spectrum resource capacity is relatively high, it will be sufficient. In most cases, millimeters, low frequency to High frequencies are restricted. A few devices such as military hunting radars or radars have higher spectrum widths and are easier to find in the continuous spectrum, so white space is very easy to obtain.

The multiple-input MIMO output with multiple phased array antennas points to the beam, and the multiple-input multiple-space division multiplexing MIMO output using different electromagnetic wave paths improves the transmission speed of multiple systems. The antennas, similar technologies in the military field, expand the commercial technology Version, beam adaptation and beamforming to improve the optimal transmission distance of the lobe in a specific direction. The new material will use RF RF antennas and power amplifiers made of gallium nitride GaN or gallium arsenide GaA. This material is RF The antenna can achieve higher energy efficiency in higher frequency bands, and the device will save energy.

In order to adapt to the application of new technologies such as industrial Internet of Things, driverless cars and commercial drones, the network delay time will be reduced to less than 1 millisecond. The times continue to move forward, and the development of mobile phone signals is also changing every day: 5G signals have been adopted by big pilots, and 5G networks will replace the current 4G networks in the near future, so the following question arises: Know how to protect 5G signal? As a professional manufacturer of signal jammers, jammer-shop has been committed to the development of 5G jammers and will launch other 5G jammers in the future. 5G jammers can quickly interfere with 5G signals, which may be of great help to you.

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