Cell phone jammer to block the signal from the prisoner’s cell phone

Prison inmates cannot have mobile phones. If they get one, they can use it to organize illegal activities, threaten witnesses and plan to escape.

Prison officials can use cell phone jammers to stop the signal from any cell phone that prisoners smuggle into prison.

Using cell phone jammers in prisons may interfere with the surrounding public cell phone networks.

We work with the Correctional Services Authority of New South Wales (CFNSW) to ensure that the use of jammers will not interfere with your phone.

Use of jammers at Lithgow Correctional Center
In 2013, we authorized the trial of cell phone jammer at Lithgow Correctional Center in accordance with the 2015 Radiocommunication Exemption Decision.

The purpose of this test is to see if the jammer can block cell phone signals inside the prison without affecting the use of cell phones outdoors. No definitive reports or complaints about mobile phone network interference in the area have been received.

After the public consultation process ended on July 6, 2018, a new exemption decision was issued.

Starting from November 1, 2018, CSNOW may continue to use cell phone jammers in Lithgow Correctional Center under the authorization of the 2018 Radiocommunication Exemption Decision.

You can see the area covered by cell phone jammers on the Lithgow Correctional Center map.

CSNSW is also testing cell phone jammers at Goulburn Correctional Center. We have passed Goulburn’s exemption to determine the law to authorize this trial.

This article explores the risks of using cell phone jammers in prisons close to large numbers of people.

The results will help the authorities decide whether to use jammers in other correctional facilities.

CSNSW informed us that preliminary testing has started on August 26, 2019. CSNSW has provided us with a test report in accordance with Section 7(3)(a) of the Waiver Decision. We have notified CSNSW that we are satisfied that the use and operation of the interfering device will meet the conditions specified in the exemption decision.

You can see the area covered by mobile jammers on the map of Goulburn Correctional Services Department. This is the map mentioned in the definition of “Field Test Area” in Section 4 of the Goulburn Waiver Decision.

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