Cell phone jammers can prevent their illegal transactions

The cell phone owned by the prisoner allows him to communicate with external partners to coordinate escape plans, thereby creating a life-threatening situation for the guards and the public in the area. Prison reports more often stated that hidden mobile phones had been used to harass victims of crime, or that a prisoner repeatedly intimidated the victim to persuade the victim to drop the charge or change his story to raise suspicion of the testimony.

Many prisoners continue to organize illegal drug trade within the prison walls. For prisoners, cell phone jammer are an important tool to keep drug organizations running and under tight control. By contacting visitors, prisoners can arrange the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so that they can continue to maintain the illegal habits of the detainee. If the family realizes that relatives are better detained, the family will often be harassed by the imprisoned relatives and released on bail.

Rosenstein cited a preliminary ruling that the Federal Criminal Police, which has 185,000 prisoners, confiscated more than 5,000 cell phones from prisoners in 2016, but that number increased last year. The acting vice president said that his office recently followed up on a Tennessee prisoner case that used a smuggled cell phone to download and play child pornography. Another case involved a North Carolina gang member using a cell phone to attack the child. Order the prosecutor’s father.

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