Desktop jammers have a wider interference range than portable jammers

Mobile jammers are the best way to change the way you use your mobile phone. Imagine in a classroom, when all the students are playing the phone and turning on the jammer, you can immediately regain the dominance of the classroom. When you need to use it in a quiet place, you will not hear annoying ringtones. When meeting with friends, avoid everyone staring at the screen without talking.

The prison department installed two cell phone jammer in the central prison so that inmates in danger can get in touch with staff by smuggling cell phones into the prison. Since the area coverage of the mobile phone jammer is 50 m to 60 m, these two areas will be covered. It can prevent mobile phones from making or receiving calls. This prevents criminals and criminals from keeping in touch with their allies for outdoor activities.

DIG said the technical team will also visit the central prisons of Kuddallo and Coimbatore next week to install jammers. He added: “With the notorious criminals, fundamentalists, LEE and Naxl being placed in the central prisons of Vellore, Coimbatore and Kudalor, the department is taking measures to Hurry up and install jammers in these prisons.” Warden G Shanmugha Sundaram said that they tried the jammers on Monday and will continue in the next two days. They will be fully functional by Wednesday. He said: “This will make our work easier and avoid unnecessary problems in prison.”

The GSM jammer only needs to destroy the downlink of the cellular receiver and generate a sufficiently strong carrier frequency band to prevent the mobile phone from logging into the data channel. This may mean that no external antenna is needed, which minimizes potential interference to most adjacent characteristic units. When the unit is in close proximity, consider using individual rules to restrict or prohibit the facility’s authority to own and operate interfering equipment. Potential interference can be further controlled by using leaky coaxial cables instead of distributed antenna systems.

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