Drone jammer to block radio signals with high power

Although it is unlikely that the U.S. military will deliberately attack the Russian forces in Syria, this situation highlights the importance of suppressing enemy air defense-a key tactic that the U.S. Air Force has long relied on is radar jamming or “they cannot use friendly aircraft to pursue and shoot. “Noise” and false signals. Although the capabilities of enemy radars have improved, the U.S. Navy has relied on the ALQ-99 jamming system for nearly half a century. However, in the early part of the next decade, it will launch an excellent performance The next generation handheld jammer is characterized by electronic attack and signal intelligence functions.

The powerful tactical jammer ALQ-99 first entered service with the US Navy in 1971 and was carried by the EA-6 Prowler. The EA-6 Prowler is an electronic fighter variant of the A-6 intruder attack aircraft, with four crew members. The US Air Force eventually added the faster and larger EF-111 Raven to Prowler, informally called Spark Varks, because their jammers generate a lot of static electricity.

Entering the “Next Generation Jammer” program, the Pentagon released its first batch of documents in 2004, aiming to introduce Drone jammer technology into the digital age. NGJ was originally used as an automatic pod for a single-seat F-35 Lightning stealth fighter, which is planned to be used in all three branches of the military. However, the facts have proved that this concept is much more expensive than expected, and much time-consuming-F-35 plan can achieve its purpose. On the contrary, the Pentagon finally decided to concentrate on equipping the Navy Growler with a new storage system, and in 2013 it chose Raytheon’s plan for the three major competitors.

UAVs are controlled by radios within a certain frequency range, while GPS blockers are used for autonomous driving. An anti-drone solution uses drone jammers to block control signals with high-power radio signals. Another solution is to hijack the flying drone through GPS or frequency control by sending spoofing signals.

jammer-shop Co., Ltd. provides anti-drone solutions. The work of the interference drone interferes with the drone’s radio frequency interference with the communication system between the drone and the pilot and keeps it out of range. The anti-drone pistol does not damage or control the drone; it just forces the drone to land or return to the starting point. The drone killer helps prevent unauthorized flying robots from reaching sensitive and dangerous areas.

In order for the radio jammer to work properly, it must be very close to the signal that the crew is trying to destroy. For example, according to “Air Power Australia”, an independent think tank dedicated to military electronic systems, Avtobaza can detect targets up to 93 miles long. Interference consumes more energy than detection, so Avtobaza can interfere with drones within a range of less than 90 miles.

This is why Russian jammers and their new anti-UAV “special forces” do not necessarily pose a survival risk to U.S. drones. Russian drone fighter jets may find it difficult to locate targets. A former U.S. drone developer who asked not to be named said: “It is hard to imagine whether you will know when and where.”

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