The signal jammer must emit the same beam as the drone

In terms of data transmission and anti-interference measures between satellites and UAVs, two (or multiple) satellite beams are better than one beam. At least this seems to be the first successful test of beam switching technology on the MQ-9 Predator drone last month.

In order to jam satellite signals, the signal jammer must work in the same beam as the signal drone, Butler explained. Although it is easy to span bars across the continent, it is much more difficult when the jammer must be located within exactly 600 miles of the same spot beam as the drone.
UAV jammer application.

Anti-UAS (used to protect airports and infrastructure) is an anti-UAS system that combines radar, HF and optical sensors, and target cell phone jammer. Part of a modular product line that includes various sensors such as radars, cameras and radio frequency detectors as well as direction finders and jammers. It uses sensors to detect and identify drones several miles away. The jammer-with real-time signal analysis capabilities-then disconnects the drone and the pilot, or disrupts the drone’s navigation system.

For many years, people have been using drones to smuggle goods. Pornography, guns, poison, so many drugs. The tiny surreur machine turned out to be a cautious little contraband, but the surprising success of the smuggling operation still prevails. From July 2015 to May this year, a group of drones smuggled at least 49 planes into prisons in England and Scotland, smuggling weeds and mobile phones. The BBC said the authorities had just arrested eight people after setting up cameras outside Worcestershire Prison to capture wildlife.

The best solution-drone jammers, in order to catch drones, police and military are trying everything from eagles to lasers. But on a battlefield like northern Iraq, the answer is neither a bird trap nor a directional light: it is the radio frequency generated by the antenna and aimed at the drone. According to Tasnim’s short description, the jammer drone can lock onto the enemy drone and then “destroy its operation, or even destroy the aircraft and force it to land safely.” More pictures of this weapon are available in the Tasnim Gallery.

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