Jammers are repeatedly used in prisons to prohibit cell phone use

Kolkata: The state government decided to install jammers, and its technology has been improved to restrict voice even when using 4G connected phones. It will initially be installed in three correctional facilities, namely Aliopore Cerntral, Dum Dum Central and Presidential Prison, which is the first correctional facility in the country to benefit from this modern technology. The prohibition threshold for the use of telephone jammers seems to have fallen for some time. According to standard.at, the principal of a high school in Salzburg allegedly used jammers to avoid misleading students upon graduation from high school. After all, a series of electronic markets allegedly use jammers to prevent buyers from using smartphones and tablets to compare prices. This is what the TV broadcaster RTL said in the “Don’t Walk With Us! Bargaining Lies” on August 22, 2017. For a video of the show, please click here. According to Golem, the accuracy of the report should have been denied by the relevant channels.

The state government is eager to install cell phone jammer in prisons so that inmates do not have the opportunity to contact the outside world, but for this, the state government needs the authorization of the central security unit of the cabinet-the agency that determines the specifications and frequency of such equipment. “Recently, we got the approval of the central government and they entrusted Bharat Electric Co. and India Electronics Co., Ltd. to do this work. We require quotations from both organizations,” said the Secretary of State, Haider Ali Safi. Although the use of cell phone jammers is prohibited in many countries/regions! However, using jammers in real life can protect privacy and other legal rights. For example: Use jammers to prevent drones from viewing your privacy, install jammers in meeting rooms to avoid confidential leakage! jammer5g recommends that you use the jammer in a reasonable and legal way and protect your own interests appropriately!

Lucknow: Following repeated reports of cell phone use cases in prisons, Electronics India Limited (ECIL) was required to install 4G jammers in UP prisons. When jammers were installed in prisons in 75 regions of the state, they were unable to block 4G networks, allowing prisoners to use 4G-compatible phones to operate criminal groups. These jammers have been installed for decades and have successfully blocked second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) networks, but cannot restrict fourth-generation (4G) communications, making it difficult for prison service personnel to monitor the activities of prisoners. The prisoner was aware of this loophole and used the opportunity of the power outage to communicate with his assistants, giving orders for extortion, theft and even killing of the Suba people, because the disruptor can only resume activities after the power outage. Unable to restore.

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