Radio signal jammers are very common in daily life

In real life, I bought a cell phone signal jammer. Use normal operation. But what is the blocking range of this kind of mobile phone radio waves? If you buy this jammer, there will be some differences in the interference range between different products. For customers who want to cover a large area, it is recommended to use a high-power jammer. In fact, the specifications of different products will affect you. Generally speaking, priority is given to determining the jamming range of the jammer. What is the range of the signal jammer of the mobile phone? We deal with various jammers. It has different interference ranges. Here, you can get the ideal effect product. You can select the range to block. There are many ways to adjust your own range. Typically, a 40-meter range will be filled. Small equipment occupies a small area. Powerful radio wave suppression devices can block a wide range, and small radio signal cell phone jammer are common in daily life.

“More importantly, since all operators are launching their 4G services, devices that currently set frequencies for 2G and 3G services will not be able to block the voice coverage of 4G-enabled phones. Therefore, we ask them to upgrade their equipment.” “Each We will collect 80 to 90 mobile phones from prison every month. It is difficult to prevent prisoners from taking mobile phones from outside. With these mobile phones, they can control their outside world very easily. The source said in the prison.

Acting prison director Gladwin Samuels revealed yesterday that despite the installation of a cell phone jammer at Camp Street Prison before the fire and July 9 escape, the use of cell phone jamming has been stopped due to certain problems Device. “There is a reason for these initially installed jammers… we have to take measures to avoid using it. I can’t disclose here, but the jammers have been installed in his press conference yesterday. Camp Street was before the fire. Sent to jail, but they did not use them due to frustration. The use of mobile phones by prisoners and their frequent use of social media. During raids on prisons across the country, the authorities found dozens of mobile phones and other prohibited items. Last year, the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) One of the recommendations for the Camp Street prison fire is “the need to install an effective interference system for all mobile phones.” If it is not in the entire prison compound, it is recommended to install it in a high-risk security zone

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