Prison uses cell phone jammers to block messages

Cabinet sources said that the Ministry of the Interior is finalizing details so that a cell phone jammer will be used to block cell phone signals in a part of the Santiago Vazquez (formerly Comcar) prison. This technique has been used in Libertad prison. The measure was taken in 2012 and the supplier is a Belgian company. The source added that the same company will be responsible for extending the measure to Santiago Vazquez.

In any case, the effective date of the prison is not clear, and the prison is undergoing reform and reorganization. The call intervenes by preventing criminal bosses from issuing orders and managing criminal organizations in the quarantine, among other things. Moving in this direction is one of the main demands of the opposition. Álvaro Garcé, an adviser to the National Public Security Party, insists on this. At the request of observers, Gasser said that as a member of Congress in the prison system, he welcomed the steps taken for the Liberation Party in 2018. At that time, Uruguay was one of the first countries in the region to pass a resolution, which Gasser said was very effective. However, according to him, the government has “stalled.”

“I don’t understand why, except in Libertad prison, the phone is not blocked and there are no excuses.” “The state provides benefits for portable criminals. It enables dangerous individuals to communicate with the outside world and coordinate their actions.” Gaza He added that this issue has been raised for many years and the Ministry of the Interior has not yet made a decision. The current warden, Juan Miguel Petit (Juan Miguel Petit) said that the blockade of the Liberal Party is effective. According to him, it is clear that drug dealers and very dangerous criminals cannot own mobile phones. He said that despite this, there is still a problem to consider, because in some cases, it is certain that low-risk detainees will come into contact with relatives.

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