The jammer is an electronic device that can cause extensive damage

The GPS Jammers has the same frequency as the desired signal on the receiver, and has the same frequency and signal strength. Therefore, if the jammer has enough power and wide enough signal spectrum, it may interfere with all receivers in the base station. Another method is to scramble a copy of the expected signal and make the receiver receive the interference signal instead of the expected signal.

The US military now hopes that UAV-based portable signal jammers will dominate the future of electronic warfare (EW) and turn to poorly understood and poorly managed supply methods. NextGov reports.

According to four U.S. officials, the Russian military has prevented U.S. drones from flying over Syria, seriously affecting U.S. military operations.

WiFi jammers are extremely destructive

A few weeks ago, after a series of suspicious chemical weapon attacks on civilians in the rebel-controlled eastern Guta area, officials said that the Russians had begun to defend small American drones. The Russians are worried that the U.S. military will continue its offensive and begin to block the UAV GPS system operating in the area.

However, wireless links are particularly vulnerable in another situation: deliberate interference. Here, someone deliberately prevents the communication capability of the link through a particularly effective attack on one or more link series. It can intervene for malicious purposes in order to seek profit or gain military advantage in wartime.

Children with small boxes or tool boxes can make and use jammers to disturb parents, schools, etc. Financial institutions can scramble communications to provide even a millisecond advantage when conducting profitable transactions. Military interference can cause drones to crash, interfere with tactical communications, and even block or alter GPS signals to confuse the enemy.

The US government’s GPS agency insists that commercial airliners “maintain alternative navigation methods” to prevent terrorist attacks. The agency said: “The government is issuing new GPS signals to protect them from interference.”

Used by police, banks, coast guards and anyone with an iPhone

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