The drone jammer interrupted the signal between the drone and the controller

As of March 2017, US Allied Patriot missiles worth $3 million were used to shoot down $200 UAVs from Amazon. However, to purchase an unmanned aircraft, it does cost 3.4 million US dollars. Are there other anti-drone solutions? The Russian army has established a ground force dedicated to combating enemy drones. This device is the first of its kind in Russia. It operates an electronic jammer and theoretically can disconnect the radio link between the drone and its operator.

According to reports, Russian-made Drone jammer have recently successfully abandoned drones. But this does not mean that the US’s huge military drone fleet is defensive.
Principles and methods of jamming drones

Although we don’t know much about this particular anti-drone antenna/rifle, we have also seen other similar designs. Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle Memorial Institute) installed an anti-drone antenna on the rifle and named it “DroneDefender”. An updated version of this weapon was used in Iraq earlier this year. In November, drone company Drone Shield launched DroneGun, a similar antenna rifle with backpack power supply. The whole effect looks like “Ghostbusters”.

Instead of jamming the drone, the Army Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčInstitute at West Point built antennas and computer guns that could feed information into the open channels of unlocked Parrot drones. This allows the network rifle to send coverage codes to the Parrot drone without violating the FCC and FAA signal jamming device regulations. In a training exercise this summer, West Point cadets encountered a drone during a simulated robbery and had to use a cyber rifle to throw it out of the sky. As a result, a team without a planned drone attacked the entire train’s machine gun division with a cannon attack.

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