The effect of jammers in prisons is very good

A convenient jammer in daily life seems to be a good idea: Who wants to sit next to someone on the train and complain to the doctor about the details of the last bowel movement? If you stop texting your best friends every two minutes, would you do more work in the library or at work?

Now, the use of mobile phones in classrooms is so common that students now think they have the right to use mobile phones during class. They do not listen to instructions, and they must repeat the instructions many times when they send text messages, listen to music on their phones, play games, or watch videos or movies. Some students even talk or talk during class. In this case, signal interference equipment should be used.

Of course, cell phone jammer must also be used in prisons. Since 2005, authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 cell phones in 55 prisons in North Carolina, including 443 this year. This number has been steadily increasing until 2012, when the authorities implemented airport-like entry and exit procedures in high-security prisons, such as metal detectors, X-ray scanners and well-trained dogs. Authorities said that after Jensen was kidnapped, a state law was passed that would criminalize the provision of cell phones to prisoners and also act as a deterrent. Some facilities use managed access, which is an expensive system that can block unauthorized cell signals in some prisons, but Solomon said

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