The state government is eager to install jammers in prisons

Kolkata: The state government has decided to install jammers with improved technology that can restrict voice even when using 4G connected phones. It will initially be installed in three correctional facilities, namely Aliopore Cerntral, Dum Dum Central and Presidential Prison, which is the first correctional facility in the country to benefit from this modern technology.

The state government is eager to install cell phone jammer in prisons so that inmates do not have the opportunity to contact the outside world, but for this, the state government needs the authorization of the central security unit of the cabinet-the agency that determines the specifications and frequency of these devices. “Recently, we got the approval of the central government and they entrusted Bharat Electric Co. and India Electronics Co., Ltd. to do this work. We require quotations from both organizations,” said the Secretary of State, Haider Ali Safi.

“More importantly, since all operators are launching their 4G services, devices that currently set frequencies for 2G and 3G services will not be able to block the voice coverage of 4G-enabled phones. Therefore, we ask them to upgrade their equipment.”

“Every month we collect 80 to 90 mobile phones from prisons. It is difficult to prevent prisoners from taking them from the outside. With these mobile phones, they can control their outside world very easily. The source said in the prison…

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