The jammer will be installed in some sensitive inspection centers

Guwahati: During the subsequent 12th Board of Directors exams in the state, it is recommended to use phone jammers to prevent mobile phones from destroying the sanctity of the exams, which may encounter obstacles and put pressure on the remaining funds High School Education Council (AHSEC) Hope to strengthen the technical support for the test center, this is a major concern.

During the State Council’s X-level and XII-level examinations, after the incident of questioning documents leaked through mobile phones, the committee has planned to use jammers, especially in sensitive test centers. In the past two years, alarm bells have sounded.

“In the subsequent twelfth-level State Council review, the final decision on the use of jammers will only be made at future board meetings. If funds permit, jammers will be installed in some sensitive inspection centers. However, in view of this Fund restrictions, the use of cell phone jammer may be restricted. This year, more than 100,000 candidates participated in the State Council Level XII exam at 826 test centers, of which 21 test centers (mainly located in remote areas) were classified as sensitive.

This year’s X-level State Council exam was also compromised by the issue of paper leakage. An hour after the morning exams began, English test papers became popular on WhatsApp, and the Middle School Education Committee in Assam (Seba) was criticized by students and tutors. According to reports, similar incidents shocked AHSEC, because XII board examination papers were reported to be popular on WhatsApp.

Security Council officials stated that all examination centers have been inspected after the 2018 board review and reform measures will be taken to prevent malfeasance by resisting external influences from the examination centers. ‘examination. AHSEC officials said that building high walls around the test center has always been a priority area of ​​work for the committee.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal emphasized at the recent COBSE meeting of the Indian Council of School Education (COBSE) held in Guwahati that there is no professional misconduct in the review process using technology.

Since this year, AHSEC has launched the Porjyabekhyan mission with the help of online surveillance for the first time to conduct inspections under strict vigilance, but how to prevent cell phones from being threatened has always been the biggest challenge for the authorities.

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