Jammers are all over the prisons in the United States

Lucknow: Following repeated reports of cell phone use cases in prisons, Electronic India Limited (ECIL) was required to install 4G jammers in UP prisons.

When jammers were installed in prisons in 75 regions of the state, they were unable to block 4G networks, allowing prisoners to use 4G-compatible mobile phones to operate criminal groups.

These cell phone jammer have been installed for decades and have successfully blocked second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) networks, but cannot restrict fourth-generation (4G) communications, making it difficult for prison service personnel to monitor the activities of prisoners.

The prisoner was aware of this loophole and used the opportunity of the power outage to communicate with his assistants, giving orders for extortion, theft and even homicide, because the disruptor can only resume activities after the power outage. Unable to restore.

Prison Inspector General Pramod Kumar Mishra stated that ECIL will install solar-powered 4G jammers in 24 state prisons, including Naini (Allahabad), Varanasi, Fatahga, Bareilly and Agra

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