GPS jammers are also used in the military field

During exercises near the coast of Scotland, NATO’s North Atlantic Military Alliance is no longer allowed to use GPS jammers. The British Ministry of Defence issued an order after complaints from the public.

According to reports, the military has notified in advance that the GPS function in the area may have been interrupted recently. However, this message was not delivered to many local people. According to the BBC, for example, fishermen suddenly found themselves in a situation where ocean tracking tools no longer work.

Many fishing boat captains have asked the authorities for help, saying this would endanger the safety of their workers. The GPS Jammers also caused problems on land. Some people worry that tourists who rely on GPS systems to hike in Scotland will get lost and injured.

Local governments on some islands in the region also complained that interference not only interfered with GPS signals, but also caused problems in mobile communications and satellite TV reception. As important parts of communications and Internet connections are now operated via mobile networks, certain villages should sometimes be almost cut off from communications with the mainland.

NATO’s current “joint fighter” operation is expected to last until October 17. Twice a year, the Navy, Air Force and Army participate. The current operation involves 14 states.

According to the military, a communication with the public was released in September. At the beginning of October, a warning was also issued through the usual maritime radio channels in the area. However, this may not be enough to cover all relevant personnel. So far, we don’t know what went wrong. He said that GPS jammers have also been used in previous exercises. Military, ship, navy, battleship

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