Does the jammer work intermittently?

The real weather vane! For weeks, the Trapps hydrometeorological radar, which quantifies precipitation and measures its intensity, has lost its mind. The recorded interesting observations greatly reduced the analytical capabilities of its engineers. Météo France sought the source of the problem from the National Frequency Agency (ANFR), the “jammer”, ANFR explained.

Therefore, the Rambouillet International Control Center was commissioned to investigate its technical staff. The agency wrote on its website: “The technical elements provided by the French Meteorological Agency show that the jammer is intermittent, which makes its detection and location particularly complicated.”

The first step is to determine the type of cell phone jammer. Measurements made on the radar indicate that it is a wireless local area network (wi-fi) transmitter transmitting in the 5 GHz band. Therefore, the study started in the urbanized area of ​​Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, but was not successful. The study area was expanded to the first natural obstacle, a distance of 7 kilometers: no better. Then, the perimeter expanded to the Forêt de Fausses-Reposes (Forêt de Fausses-Reposes) near Versailles, but did not achieve greater success. Xavier Moussu, the person in charge of the control center, explained: “This is very exceptional, because this type of destructive equipment can usually be found within a radius of 4 to 5 km.” But if it is really high, it may be generated at 100 km. Shock. “

Technicians are trying a new method. “From the radar, we got a direction projected onto Google Earth and we are looking for obstacles,” Xavier Moussu continued. There was a Bagnoletta (Seine-Saint-Denis) on the path, but on the spot, the experts found nothing. Xavier Moussu said: “A colleague saw this line passing through the Tour Montparnasse and had the idea to go there to measure from this high point, hoping it would help us Provide guidance.” That’s right! The reason for their confusion is that at an altitude of 210 m on the panoramic roof terrace, “you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the capital, up to 40 kilometers on a sunny day.” There was no obstacle in a straight line to the Trapps weather station 27 kilometers away during the flight. Target of attack: Wi-Fi access points used to transmit data from selfie terminals. The equipment has a radar avoidance system, so it complies with the standard. The latter was flawed, and a tax of 450 euros was charged to its owner.

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