The jammer emits waves that may cover all transmissions

Wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, relay antenna, magnetic field…Although there is less doubt about the public health impact of radio wave propagation, it is still useful to protect certain areas, especially for national or industrial safety considerations. “Today, we can say that according to the current level of knowledge, the radio waves of mobile phones, relay antennas or wifi are neither dangerous nor dangerous compared to the radio waves received by your radio station. “Suspicious, UFC-Que Choisir Association A ruling was finally made in January. It is estimated that this fact “proves that they can cause cancer, tumors, fertility problems, discomfort, headaches, heart or nausea. It even relies on the World Health Organization (WHO)’s very serious cancer research center (Circ ) Also classifies these waves as “possible carcinogens”, such as coffee or pickled vegetables. The fact remains that environmentalists demand a sober law of February 9, 2015,

This will calm the debate about the harmfulness of low-frequency (power grid) and high-frequency (wifi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, relay antennas) waves; and restrict the use of protective equipment in public or private places.

However, they may need to be implemented in two areas. First, avoid the use of electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) people in a medical sense. According to the Ministry of Health, their number does not exceed 2,000 in France. Then, protect areas that may be at risk of phone tapping, data intrusion, or storage of sensitive equipment. These are the command posts of the military or the Ministry of National Defense, as well as companies that may become targets for industrial or economic espionage.

There are two ways to control or attenuate wave transmission. Active technology involves placing cell phone jammer that emit waves that may cover all transmissions. These devices range from 5 meters to 1 km and can be purchased on the Internet for free at a price of several hundred Euros. There are “wave polluters” who send out parasitic signals on incoming and outgoing calls. “Emergency call screeners”, which allow these communications to pass through; and “call detectors”, which only act on unauthorized inbound or outbound communications. But’Postal and Electronic Communication Regulations Article L.33-3-1 prohibits “circulation, installation, possession and use of electronic communication equipment designed to make all types of unusable electronic communication equipment and any equipment for transmitting and receiving. Therefore, please withdraw from the possibility of using them in public places. The only exception relates to “public order, national defense and national security or judicial public service needs”. This is why human interference is allowed in prisons.

The last option is “passive”, which involves the use of coatings that reduce electrical and electromagnetic pollution by creating a Faraday cage shield. This involves covering walls with conductive coatings that absorb waves: wallpaper, curtains, paint. These three products exist and are provided by multiple manufacturers, such as Brunswick et fils (curtains), Duralex or Yshield (paint), and Ahlstrom (wallpaper). If the installation is connected to the ground, their efficiency is real, especially for microwave frequencies. However, a preliminary diagnosis must be made to identify the source of the wave and limit its rebound within the wall.

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