The radio jammer interrupts the communication between the sensor and the central unit

The number of thefts in Belgium is decreasing, and this phenomenon can be explained to a certain extent by the more frequent use of alarm systems. But those can be hacked. If they are wireless. When faced with a wireless alarm system, anti-theft personnel can use a radio cell phone jammer to interrupt the communication between the sensor and the central unit. In addition, if the network is not secure or the user uses the manufacturer’s standard password, hackers can crack the communication code to control the system and disable it.

“It should be noted that in practice, most thieves do not use these advanced methods, but will try to physically damage sensors and detectors. However, jammers are cheap and easily available on the Internet. Therefore, a good one The wireless system must be able to withstand these two types of intrusions,” Cédric Le Blévennec of the security organization Securitas analyzed.

Experts proposed five rules to ensure the safety of their wireless systems.

-Check whether the components use different frequencies and safety protocols to send radio waves, which greatly reduces the risk of signal interference.

-The central alarm must be connected to the sensor via WIFI and mobile network at the same time. Avoid using only WIFI signal for installation.

-Modern alarm systems must perform permanent self-monitoring, which means that the control unit will check every element and alert you when there is a problem (low battery, signal loss, detector removed from the wall, window open, etc.) .

-Give priority to the wired connection between the central unit and the modem to limit the interruption of the connection between these two key elements of the system as much as possible.

-Only choose equipment certified by EN 50131, which is the European standard for alerts and guarantees that you are using decent products.

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