GPS jammers can cause communication interruptions

GPS signal jammers were originally developed by the military to mislead the enemy’s information about geographic location and targets. The device is then tailored for consumers who want to protect their privacy or prevent tracking. Without technical knowledge or improper operation, GPS Jammers may cause harmful communication interruptions. This means that LMDIS seemed to blow up the circuit of Iranian drones last week, which is the first “lethality” of the US directed energy weapon, but this is not always the expected result. Clark said: “UAVs usually return to base or land somewhere in some standard mode.” The system is powerful enough that in smaller drones, the jammer’s electronics can interfere with the drone’s operation. Electronic devices, if they are close enough, can cause malfunctions. But usually jammers are only used to disrupt communications. “

In the past few years, we often use unmanned aircraft. I bought this product not for commercial purposes, but for the purpose of “I want to try a stylish drone”. Maintaining height is easier to maneuver. It is driven by the remote control. Does this GPS jammer know the operating frequency? 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz are the two most common frequencies for drones. Connect the transmitter to the drone through these frequencies. There are different types. Various unmanned aircraft have their own characteristics. I know I have the ability to shoot video. You can capture this moment. Very useful for many people. It provides safety measures for various UAV models. However, drones may reveal your privacy. Therefore, wifi interference occurs. It is becoming a very popular weapon. Most use 2.4GHz frequency. The jammer can be disabled within the interference range.

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