The jammer can significantly cancel the radio frequency

In a statement issued by the National Police on May 19, we learned that three men were arrested and arrested while trying to enter a vehicle blocking a blocked vehicle between May 12 and 15. This technology is a well-known game for children. When the criminal gets out of the car and presses the door lock button on the remote control, the criminal is enough to look after the driver and activate the radio jammer. The owner believes that his car is locked, and then leaves the field to thieves who only need to enter to rob their belongings. Even worse, if they are equipped with a card programmer and a blank key, they have to steal it.

These jammers are easily accessible on the network. Even if it is true that the long delivery time and potential risks of customs supervision discourage the relevant personnel, many Asian sites still provide them with these services. More importantly, these seizures sometimes lead to arrests. These jammers (which can also take the form of more classic car keys) can also be found on the counters of UK sites, which will not hesitate to set up numerous promotional offers. Just counting a standard cell phone jammer, it costs about 60 euros. French authorities are also concerned about the proliferation of disruptors in the Paris area and several other large cities in the country.

However, avoiding being deceived is easy. First, just get close to the car to make sure it is locked properly. In addition, just a glance at the turn signal is sufficient to verify that the car has received a closing command. If there are active jammers nearby, the turn signal will not change. Please note that car manufacturers are also making technical changes, some of which have changed the operation of so-called “non-contact” keys. Previously, once the wearer left the vehicle, these keys stored in the pocket (or bag) would automatically activate the door lock. Instead, they opened the door to his methods. The worrying thing is that the distance is sometimes too far, and then set aside time for the thief to settle there. Therefore, as we mentioned in the Volkswagen Passat SW test, the key can still be left in the pocket, but you must put your hand on a specific area of ​​the handle to lock or open the door. More painful, but also safer.

This phenomenon may undergo additional changes. If the jammer on the car can significantly cancel the radio frequency between 315 to 433 MHz (within the range of 30 to 50 meters), we may be worried that similar boxes will invade our electric doors or even the remote control of roller shutters. What comforts the reassuring speech of the manufacturer of residential safety equipment.

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