Mobile phone jammers invalidate all equipment for signal transmission

The officials were referring to Captain Robert Johnson, the former correctional officer of the Lee Correctional Institution, who was shot six times at home in 2010 when a prisoner hit him with a cell phone. Last year, smuggling of mobile phones was also used in “sexual torture.” Prisoners extorted money from American service personnel after American adult women pretended to be netizens. The plan resulted in the suicide of a member of the Northern Service Bureau. SCDC Director Bryan Stirling is confident that Congress will hold a hearing to discuss the “Mobile Interference Reform Act”, which was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) earlier this year put forward. Sterling said: “I haven’t talked to anyone in South Carolina or this country. It doesn’t make sense.” “When we knew this technology was working, it was amazing that state prisons would not interfere with cell phone signals. “Since 2015, SCDC has seized more than 25,000 mobile phones from the state prison system.

Traditional vehicle tracking systems used to be the gold standard for preventing car theft. Essentially, the working principle of this technology is to plug a small device into a car, truck or motorcycle, and then use the device’s GPS signal to monitor the vehicle. However, these devices rely on conventional cellular networks (GSM) to transmit their signals. To disable the tracking signal, the thief needs to place a cheap portable signal cell phone jammer in the stolen vehicle. Or, the thief may be using a digital RF handheld detector to find a tracking device that can be completely removed. Even the less tech-savvy thieves know that when the tracking signal is hidden in an underground parking lot or a stolen vehicle in a steel container, the tracking signal will dim.

As the number of people using mobile phones in public places has soared and they cannot listen to them during conversations, a small but growing group of insurgents is looking for a more drastic solution: cell phone jammers, a way to make all mobile phones signal. The transmission equipment is completely cancelled. Jammer technology is not new. Exporters of jammers from overseas said that the demand for jamming devices is increasing every day, sending more than 100 devices to U.S. federal inspectors every month, which arouses interest in the telephone industry. Consumers include cafe and hair salon owners, hotels, theater operators, bus drivers, and an increasing number of commuters.

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