The wave jammer makes you feel no trace of shielding

If you are accustomed to parking your car outside or stopping at a gas station to shop, please make sure your car is locked, because the theft using wave “jammers” is to observe with us. This technology is not often used, but it is becoming popular. This small device (no more than a pack of cigarettes) prevents the remote control from locking the car. They can be found on the Internet for tens of euros. The malicious person is a few meters away, it may be a simple passerby, when you press the button, it will activate the wave jammer. Therefore, the owner thinks that his vehicle is closed, but in fact it remains open. Then, the thieves only need to save themselves.

This is the experience of a couple Cédric and Christelle from Houdeng-Goegnies this summer. After having a barbecue with friends and returning home early in the morning, Cedric turned off the car with the remote control as usual. The next day, when I woke up, there was a surprising accident: GPS, mobile phone and money were stolen. “No break-in, no broken panes, no forced locks or anything else. It looks like a radio cell phone jammer, a remote control for keys. I’m sure. The car has been closed, and the neighbors had the same thing on the same night. ,” Cedric said.

The only sign of thieves: there are small scratches in the car, but this is not enough. Cédric and Christelle paid the highest payout of omnium insurance, but if there is no break-in, it is impossible to prove theft. Obviously it is impossible to prove that a person is a victim of human interference. By definition, it leaves no traces. The spokesperson Ethias regretted the miscarriage, but recalled that the contract was clear: “We have no anti-theft, etc., and there is no evidence of theft. We cannot intervene. This is the rule. We need proof at all costs, otherwise This will be the door to certain abuses. People can tell us that we came to steal my car and didn’t break in. Thank you for repaying it. Obviously it is beyond my control.

Wave jammer technology is still trivial to us, but the Federal Police confirmed that it has been circulating for two years. So, what can you do when insurance happens? “Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no solution approved by the Ethiopian spokesperson. If this happens more and more, the insurance company should find a solution. “This will come from the car manufacturer. Maybe they should consider developing a system that will leave traces of disruptors like using hackers, then this may prove insurance.”

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