Motion jammer prevents communication with sensor

Thieves don’t rest: more than 230,000 thefts occur in France each year. Theft of valuables, damage caused by burglary, damaged furniture or damaged furniture, etc. The consequences of burglary can sometimes cause harm to the victim. But how to avoid this misfortune? Although the urge to set up roadblocks at home or send a security guard may be tempting, it is actually impossible to achieve. Fortunately, there is an alert here, which is a reassuring solution that can warn you when an intrusion occurs and allow you to take corresponding measures.

“Tom’s Guide” tested alarms can help you choose the best alarms, these alarms have several common characteristics. First, they are connected to the Internet, so they can be controlled remotely through a mobile application or web portal. Then, most of their accessories, detectors and even IP surveillance cameras can work wirelessly and can be installed freely without complicated wiring. Therefore, installation is at your fingertips: no professional intervention is required.

In addition to these common points, the quotations vary in price and functionality. The small self-monitoring system is suitable for limited budgets and is made by network experts such as Devolo, telephone technology such as Gigaset, or connected objects such as Ring. The work of security and household departments (Somfy, Bosch, etc.) is more complete, more reliable, and more expensive alarms. Therefore, selecting an alarm is not easy. To guide you, we have screened several models and selected our favorites below.

The first two advantages of this kit are obvious: despite the competitive price, the number of accessories provided (central unit, 90 decibel alarm, motion detector, two open detectors, keyboard); and atypical Design, although this criterion is subjective. During the installation phase and subsequent daily use, another quality is shown, namely simplicity. Therefore, the four-key keyboard for arming or disarming alarms is invaluable. We also appreciate the rich features and settings (activation time, sharing alarms with relatives, etc.) and backup battery, which will trigger the alarm even if the power goes out. However, for emergency relay points, the price is much higher. Two small flaws should be noted:

Large cameras or small alarm systems? One+ by Somfy Protect is an attempt to successfully hybridize these devices. Therefore, this is a 1080p camera that inherits the good idea of ​​Myfox’s Security Camera (now owned by Somfy), including battery, internal memory (if the connection to the cloud is disconnected) and an electric shutter, which retains the residents’ privacy. It is also an alarm system, which contains a motion cell phone jammer and communicates with the IntelliTag opening sensor. A convenient remote control has been added to activate or deactivate the entire function. The neat and complete mobile application makes One+ always user-friendly in installation and daily use, which even makes it possible to subscribe to remote monitoring products.

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