wifi jammer is unmatched by other shielding devices

Once all these functions are activated, they can be activated via the provided remote control (simple press without code) or on the smartphone in the Freebox app (via a single input, if you enter a password, it may be a press) And turn off the alarm. hope). You can also use the voice command “OK Freebox, activate/deactivate the alarm” and communicate the 4-digit security code verbally.

The security solution launched by Free has been surprising with its extremely comprehensive features from the day it was released. Therefore, it is possible to configure the main alarm (for the house itself), auxiliary alarms (for example, to protect garages, sheds or separate outbuildings), timed areas (you can benefit from it)’other time before the alarm is activated), etc. Wait.

The application allows you to view the alarm status at any time, including the history of each module (last opened or detected movement, etc.), and you can immediately browse the Wi-Fi camera images (which can be password protected, as shown in the attached screenshot Show)…The waiting time before triggering or the volume of the alarm can also be easily configured.

The security module integrated into the Freebox Server has its own battery, and it can still work normally even in the event of a network interruption or power failure. A slight attempt to open the cover of one of the sensors, such as removing the battery, will trigger an alarm. Similarly, using the Sigfox protocol will make the use of GSM/bluetooth jammers inefficient. The Wi-Fi camera can provide images at a satisfactory angle under any light conditions (including in the dark due to infrared rays). There is no doubt that Free’s solution is well thought out and is more reliable and complete than other expensive solutions on the market.

We feel a kind of dissatisfaction, only one, not the least important, which makes us sad: If your alarm is triggered remotely, the Freebox app seems unable to send you notifications. Hope this defect can be corrected soon.

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